We treat the problem... not just the symptoms

Results matter. By managing our total environment, we optimize the body’s natural mechanisms that protect us from what life throws at us. The Keystone Health goal is to create a healthy and mutually supportive environment that optimizes your physical and emotional state of being.

We do that by combining:

  1. Root cause therapies based on the fundamental principles of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics allows us to assess the cause of ailments, clinically customize treatments and apply them to your current condition. We treat the body as a whole, looking past isolated events or symptoms. Understanding and addressing how the body is functioning vs. strictly removing discomfort... leads to sustainable results.
  2. Personal ownership that encourages all of us to proactively manage our own health. Our future is in our own hands and we can help you take control by providing information and access to your local support community.
  3. Education that encourages patients and therapists to work as a team. Our objective is to optimize your health, not create treatment dependencies.
  4. Communications that encourages multi-discipline participation in the healing treatment plan. Egos are left at the door and treatment plans are designed to get results. If we can’t immediately play a part in that, we refer you to those that can.
Life Happens … a healthy framework equips us to face it on our terms.